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June Bird Designs (26 Days)

"It started out as therapy and to get me out of a long lasting depression"

With a degree in "Visual Merchandising and Design" I went out into the world to concur the set design dream only to find out in order to be I had to donate my time in the industry. Needing to support myself at nineteen that was not going to happen working two full-time jobs, my dream was crushed.

So, I started a job as a visual merchandiser in retail enjoying that quite a bit.  Till life turned another direction my job ended due to a natural disaster in the L.A. area and everyone lost their jobs so I was to look for another job leaving me to find anything I can get.

The next chapter in my life brought me a beautiful baby girl who lived 26 days. My first husband and I did not know she was terminally ill.

I share my story with you becasue I started crafting for therapy I was severally depressed for many years due to the trauma I went through with my daughter and the hospital experiences we had the choices we had to make day to day with her. Crafting is what saved my life.

I dedicate my business "June Bird Designs" to my daughter.  Kaysi Ranelle Brasher Born 6-5-1995 Passed 6-1-1995." June" is because she was born in June and "Bird" is because birds are so spiritual and "Designs" for my multi degree to work with so many colors and hues and textures. 

Flying from our home to yours.

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