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Wrapping up the Holidays In Style

Holidays have always been a time to enjoy all the smells and colors of the season. But my most favorite thing of all as a child was the SHOPPING and WRAPPING of the presents. Every year I would be the lucky one to wrap all the gifts for all the cousins, aunts , uncles, friends, and everyone else on the list. As I got older a good friend adopted me into her family and continued the wrapping tradition into her family and had five grandchildren WOW! till I had my own.

In the picture above you see one of my children my youngest three years old that I am now passing the tradition onto and am hoping she passes the tradition on to her children. Did this inspire you to either start our tradition "Wrapping up the Holidays in Style" or start your own tradition each Holiday we sure do hope so!

Sativa Castellucci and Family

June Bird Designs


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