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10 Mysteries About Me

1. We used to go every year back east to the county fair. This year Chubby Checker was appearing he picked me out of a crowed of around 300 hundred people and I got to go on stage and do the twist with him.

2. Someone dared me one time to tie a knot with a cherry stem with my tongue and I did it Haaa! I got a free dinner.

3. Was a Girl Scout for thirteen years

4. Sucked my thumb till I was twelve and I still have my blanket.

5. My life dream has always been to own my own chilredns clothing line.

6. I am addicted to peanut butter n Chocholate

7. I am always singing some sort of song in my head from

when I wake up in the morning to when I go to sleep. I love music.

8. I am a scrapbook paper hoarder I have so much paper I cant seem to stop it is so fun to buy.

9. I love listening to older peoples stories going in there houses and finding out the history of there heirlooms.

10. I lost a daughter at the age of 21 and was married and divorced , now happily remarried with two beautiful adopted children.

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