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A Gift Of Giving

About ten Years ago we adopted an older lady into our family. We run errands for her taker her to doctor appointments and spend most Holidays and all Birthdays with her when we can. Her husband had passed some years ago finding her life unmanageable to take care of herself on her own due to being home bound from cancer sometime ago. We had promised to adopt her into our family as our own since her sister had lived so far away.

So some of you are wondering WHY am I sharing this story with you. Well, Sandy has changed our life in so many ways. I have had many days where I am feeling down and out and she will call needing me to go to pick up her medicine, or take her to the doctors and just that little extra errand or spending time with her will lift me up and remind me how special the Gift of time it. Now that we have children this has been a wonderful opportunity not only to have a Grandma for them but also to teach them the art of Giving of time also.

So let me ask you this is there someone special in your life you help or an organization that you donate your time to I would love to hear your story. I am also looking for different opportunities to share with my church or children and the holiday season is just around the corner. My family and I always pick one project to make we donate all the proceeds to a special organization. The Gift of Giving is a wonderful thing in my life that has truly helped me get out of depression and I thank you for letting me share this with you and hope this blog was helpful to you and your family.

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