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Two Hour Vacation

Some days I wonder if I can leave my home for a few hours come back and it would be totally spotless. Well I seam to take off for a few hours and never fails seems I always come home to a story from my husband that my now three in a half year old did something. So this this week she decided to have a birthday Party with her doll she went into the refrigerator helped herself to some butter YES!!! butter and made a birthday cake. My husband found butter all over the doll herself all the baking dishes and it was a mess we are still finding butter every where. That same day while I was gone she also wanted to make cream cheese yogurt and coffee soup I know what your thinking where was my husband during all of this, my thoughts exactly. She is the child that can do all of this under your nose in a split of a second.

The picture shown above I happen to be home in the next room talking to a friend she was suppose to be watching TV she got board climbed on the dresser got to the baby powder and as you can see had a field day it was all over the place this was at the age of two.We saw nothing but white smoke in the room we just laughed for a good five minutes and could not believe the mess it made. This child has gotten into honey, Wood Glue, shampoo, written all over the walls with tooth paste crayons anything that writes. How could you not love that adorable face she even smiled for me.

Am I the only mom that leaves the home for a few hours to take a vacation from the chaos and comes home to a disaster almost every time ? Please share your stories with me sometimes I feel like I am all alone and so frustrated constantly cleaning up messes......thanks for all your parent support.

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